Kristylicious (kristylicious) wrote in bebe_mariana,

Hello everyone ...

I absolutely LOVE all the colors of the bean bags ya'll have chosen. It looks like a very colorful room now full of friendship, happiness and joy ... as it should be :-)

Well ... some of you have asked for information on Ly's registry. Here's the scoop ...

While it is definitely NOT necessary for you to purchase a gift to be a part of this community, we have been getting a lot of requests for the information. So we have decided to send out an email to those of you that would like to send along a lil something for Ly and Bebe Mariana. I'm not going to post it as it's not for everyone ... but if you are interested, please give me the email you'd like me to use below.

If there is something that you want to get her that is not in your price range but you feel she just HAS to have it, then talk to some of the others in here ... I bet you can get someone to go in on something with you without twisting their arm for more than an hour or so ;-) ... seriously ... don't feel like you HAVE to do anything ... this is all about what we want to do for Ly :-)

Now ... in a couple of weeks, Ly's Mom will be going to Padre and when there she will collect all the gifts that get there prior to her visit and bring them back to Ly. Once she has them, we will schedule an online chat where she can be on cam to open them for us to watch and squeal with delight when we see her getting all giddy and teary eyed ;-)

Ok .. so ... give it to me ...

Poll #119782 Bebe Mariana

If you want to be included in the email with registry information for Ly and Bebe Mariana ... please give me the email address you'd like the info sent to:

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Oops, sorry, made a mistake the first time. You know the right one to use - not the .com one. D'oh!
bean bags?? i'm confused!!!
never mind, i'm a little slow!!
Impatient....**waves arms** right here!! Have you sent emails yet? I'm worried I made a type...I'm gonna post it here...just to make sure... :):)
see, like that..."type" should be "typo"....lmao!! I'm a dorktard.