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bebe_mariana's Journal

Bebe Mariana
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This community has been created to host an online Baby Shower
for ly. Here’s how it will work:

· Ly is due in early May. She is expecting a girl.

· We haven't decided on the exact date of the baby shower, but if you watch this community, we'll let you know more asap.

· This is how it will happen: We will be online, posting in this journal. Anyone with a cam should have it on. We will have games and special posts and Ly will open gifts.

· Ly and Cris have registered and if you'd like that information please email me at: samogram90@hotmail.com and I'll be sure to forward it to you.

· A gift is not required and several people pitching in for one gift is a great idea. Please leave enough time for your gifts and cards to be delivered before the Shower. If you would like to send something but not buy from the wish list, then contact me for mailing info.

That’s it. Watch this community for breaking news!