Kristylicious (kristylicious) wrote in bebe_mariana,

Cross posting again ...

About thirty min ago, I finally got the call that Baby Mariana is here, healthy ... ten fingers ... ten toes ... two eyes ... all that jazz. She is 5 lbs 3 oz. and I'm told that she's got Ly's curly hair already as well as her nose and Cris' eyes. Ly went in for the c-section yesterday and about two hours later ... she was officially a mommy.

She told me to be sure to let ya'll know that they are all doing well and to thank you SO much for the thoughts, prayer and whatever else you sent their way.

Ok ... gotta get going ... the jewelry party is going to be starting soon and I still need to help Amy get a few things done.

Have a KILLER weekend :-)

xoxo ... K
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